Fit Active Beautiful Foundation


Fit Active Beautiful Foundation is a not for profit, volunteer led organization passionate about Helping Young Girls Become Strong Women. The foundation was started in 2009 to inspire young girls to dream big, live big!

Fit Active Beautiful Foundation has developed an empowering 12 week program that challenges youth girls in grades 6, 7 and 8 living in lower income communities in Hamilton to train for and complete a 5 km run. Their program is designed to encourage young girls to stay fit and active and help them turn their dreams into reality by introducing a goal setting framework they can use to pursue any future goal!

In Hamilton alone there are over 4000 girls between the ages of 10-14 living in poverty and in Ontario that number is over 75,000. For these girls sport and quality programs are often out of reach due to cost and travel.

The FAB Girls 5 KM Challenge is free of charge, runs from April to June, and takes girls through journey of goal setting, hard work, self discovery, and finally, goal realization as they train to complete their 5 km run. FAB Girls finish the program full of pride, confidence and most importantly, armed with the knowledge that they can set big goals, they can put a plan in place to achieve their goals, and they can succeed!

In June 2011, the foundation will be hosting their 5 km run and RMA has signed up as the event title sponsor. The RMA run for FAB Girls will be open to everyone: kids, adults, runners, joggers, and walkers. It will be an opportunity to engage the Hamilton community, raise awareness and money for the foundation and also serve as the 5 km run that FAB Girls train for, and run to complete their FAB Girls 5 km Challenge.

Our passion is helping young girls become strong women.

Our focus is reaching youth girls in lower income communities.

Our goal is to inspire youth girls to dream big, live big.

Our strategy is to build their self confidence and goal setting skills.

Our vehicle is our FAB Girls 5 KM Challenge.






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